Offer your consumers the meat, poultry and seafood with great tinbox applications that they’ll crave by ensuring your products are juicy and succulent. ICL’s phosphate lines are specially created to deliver great texture and flavor.

Why phosphates?

While consumers continue to look for leaner meat and poultry products, removing fat delivers a challenge. Fats provide added flavor, texture and moistness to meat products and make it harder to overcook.  Adding phosphates is an ideal solution. They provide increased moisture retention, maintain flavor and texture, and make the product acceptable to consumers even if it is overcooked.

Phosphates are an excellent functional ingredient for meat because of their ability to affect the myofibrillar proteins. They change how proteins perform by providing charges within myofibrillar proteins as well as having the ability to dissociate the actin and myosin. Phosphates improve water-holding capacity and protein extraction which results in a meat product with better emulsification and improved texture.

The benefits of phosphates run deep

There are numerous phosphate solutions available based on the desired final application. In addition to increasing the water-holding capacity and protein extractions, phosphates also have great buffering capacity and chelating ability.

Phosphates can both maintain and increase yield (including soaking, freezing, thawing, and cooking) as well as enhance shelf-life of processed meats while maintaining juiciness, flavor and texture.

Rely on ICL’s proven phosphate solutions, including BRIFISOL® and TARI® for meat and poultry applications and KATCH® for seafood applications. Learn more at:

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