Insufficient activation of proteins can cause a multitude of quality and cost issues for manufacturers.

Achieving ideal product characteristics requires specialized knowledge of phosphates and protein behavior. When used properly, specialized functional ingredient solutions can activate, hydrate and promote cohesion of meat proteins for optimal performance.

Solutions for optimal performance:

  • Yield
  • Purge
  • Sliceability
  • Buffering
  • Emulsification
  • Cryoprotection
  • Flavor
  • Color
  • Cure acceleration
  • Succulence

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Functional ingredients are directly related to texture in dairy products. Efficient ingredient selection is essential for cost effective protein management, optimal formulation, and consistency in production.

Various phosphates and ingredient blends can influence the hydration and functionality of casein micelles. By using proteins inherent properties of emulsification, water binding, cross linking and electrostatic charge repulsion, formulators can drive and keep a lot of variations in terms of texture across applications.

Ideal final product properties of dairy:

  • Stretch
  • Restricted melt
  • Smooth mouthfeel
  • Creaminess

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Proper stabilization of proteins for a solid product base is imperative to the final texture of dairy beverages. High heat treatments (UHT and Retort) and the low pH parameters need to produce RTD products during processing can adversely affect final product texture.

The right ingredient solutions can help to create, modify, recover, or stabilize the texture during product shelf life. Sensibly engineered formulations bring cost savings without sacrificing the end result. Improved hydration/dispersion of proteins, along with reduced fouling in UHT systems equals longer production run times before cleaning. It also protects proteins from interacting with divalent cations which destabilize protein and cause agglomeration.

Overcoming challenges to deliver:

  • High protein
  • Smooth mouthfeel
  • Stable product (no separation)

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pound cake


To ensure proper texture in baked goods one must understand the impacts of formulating with different calcium, sodium, aluminum or magnesium based leavening agents. Leavening acids can be fast acting, time acting or even heat activated.

The proper selection is critical to achieve desired baked product characteristics. The main protein in wheat, Gluten provides structure in baked products. The removal of gluten or addition of other ingredients can impact the ability of the product to hold and retain carbon dioxide.

Selection of the leavening system directly impacts volume, texture, and crumb. Extensive knowledge of leavening and baking technology allow us to create unique solutions to formulate around texture challenges.

Overcoming challenges to deliver:

  • Fine Crumb
  • Uniform air pockets and cell structure
  • Absence of tunneling
  • Improved volume
  • Gluten free

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Hot dog

Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian

Plant and vegetable proteins behave very differently than their traditional meat or dairy counterparts. In comparison, They are not as functional in some applications. They can be a challenge to hydrate which can lead to a rubber, or grainy mouthfeel and brittle product.

Understanding the interactions and key-processing parameters of the proteins together with hydrocolloids, starches and other ingredients is very important to ensure they imitate the expected texture, bite and taste.

Most alternative protein products on the market currently do not have sufficient protein on the nutritional label because it is hard to mask the flavor and have the product function as they would like.


  • Retains texture during heating
  • Stable freeze/thaw
  • Firm bite
  • Expected mouthfeel of traditional meat product
  • Satiety
  • Avoid off-taste