Let’s Get Real About Plant-Based Proteins: 3 Ways to Ace the Meat-like Eating Experience

Flexitarians are, as their name suggests, flexible. They can choose plant-based meat alternatives or meat, and as such, have a discerning palate. They want the perceived health benefits of plant proteins, but they still expect the taste and texture of their traditional meat counterparts.
ROVITARIS® Alternative Protein Solutions deliver the texture and mouthfeel sought by consumers so you can develop superior products that are virtually indistinguishable from traditional meat. Here are three ways they can help your plant protein products get real:

  1. Wet protein fibers that look like real white meat. We can help provide the right texture for chicken and fish alternative favorites like nuggets. Now you have extreme versatility in terms of protein source, color, flavor and application.
  2. Highly adaptable dry texturates with excellent water/oil binding capacity to provide authentic mouthfeel and help ground meat alternatives more closely resemble beef and pork, without worrying about any off taste in your final product.
  3. Emulsions that deliver a better bite, and a composition that holds together during cold storage without soy or gluten while retaining moisture during cooking, grilling & microwaving

Get the functionality you need from novel proteins. For more information on our ROVITARIS® plant protein portfolio, see https://www.iclfood.com/plant-based.

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