Salt plays an important role in food production. Not only is it used for flavoring, it also contains important preservation properties. However, far too many people consume excessive sodium due to modern diets and lifestyle, exceeding the sodium intake levels recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). To address this health concern, it is important for food manufacturers to develop reduced sodium foods that give consumers more options for healthier– and delicious – foods.

The recommended daily allowance of sodium is 5.5 grams/550 mg. In Germany, the average man consumes approximately 10 grams each day and women consume nearly 8.4 grams – greatly exceeding healthy amounts. About ¾ of the daily sodium requirement is consumed through hidden forms in processed products, such as bread, cheese, sausage, meat. For example, a slice of bread weighing 120 grams contains about 2.4 grams of salt alone. Natural foods contribute only 1% of the daily sodium requirement.

Sodium isn’t all bad

Sodium is the most abundant mineral in the human body, accounting for approximately 100 grams in an average-sized person. The main function of the mineral is to regulate the water balance and the acid-base balance in the body. One-third of this sodium is stored in the bones and is released into the blood in times of insufficient supply. The mineral is most frequently absorbed through the compound sodium chloride (table salt) in the diet. Because most people consume more sodium than the daily requirement, a sodium deficiency is rare.

How to reduce sodium in food applications

ICL Food Specialties offers SALONA®, an innovative sodium-reduced mineral salt from the Dead Sea, which is ideally suited for reducing the salt in a wide variety of food applications. SALONA enables recipe developers and food manufacturers to achieve the taste requirements that their customers crave, while providing healthier options with lower sodium. In meat applications, SALONA can replace up to 30% salt content and up to 100% potassium chloride.

SALONA contains 3.6 grams of sodium in 100 grams of the product. Compare this to traditional table salt which contains 39 grams of sodium per 100 grams of the product.

The natural composition of this special salt shows a sodium content of 3,6 grams in 100 grams of SALONA, while salt contains 39 grams in 100 grams of salt. While SALONA offers an extremely low sodium content, it also provides the taste and other properties that make salt so invaluable.

In addition, since it is classified as “a natural mineral salt from the Dead Sea, SALONA is considered 100% natural and doesn’t require an E-number.

To explore how SALONA can reduce sodium in your applications, see this reduced sodium raw sausage recipe from ICL Specialties expert Björn Schröder, Key Account Manager for meat, poultry and seafood in Germany.

Download our Standard vs. Sodium Reduced Chart

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