Improving the Dispersibility & Emulsifying Properties of Micellar Casein to Replace Sodium Caseinate

How JOHA® Emulsifying Salts Improve the Functionality of MicC

ICL conducted a study to learn more about improving the dispersibility and emulsifying properties of micellar casein (MicC) to replace sodium caseinate (NaCa). For this purpose, JOHA® emulsifying salts were tested in combination with micellar casein. These salts can change the pH and open the micelle by calcium sequestration and electrostatic interaction with the protein constituting the micelle.

Milk proteins have functional properties that provide desirable attributes to final food products. The dairy industry produces a wide range of milk protein products like milk protein concentrates/isolates, whey protein concentrates/isolates, casein and caseinates. Their use can affect the texture, structure, and stability of food systems. One of the most effective dairy ingredients is NaCa, which is produced through casein precipitation .

Caseinates are amphiphilic, which means they contain hydrophilic and lipophilic sites. Therefore, they provide very good emulsion properties and are highly soluble in water. Caseinates are used widely in industrial food applications such as dairy and nondairy creamers, sauces, analog cream, seasoning, meat preparations and pastries. NaCa can also be used in other nonfood applications, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and the replacement of plastic polymers. Over the past 10 years, the market has experienced a reduced availability of caseinates and increased prices which has led many customers to search for alternatives. MicC offers the potential to function as a substitute for NaCa.

Internal analyses at ICL Food Specialties highlighted that the low solubility properties of MicC means that protein particles partially settle in a solution after a certain time. Low solubility properties might also lead to poor functional properties of the product. In order to improve this low solubility and poor functional properties of MicC, the addition of phosphates, such as in the form of JOHA SE, could be helpful.

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