After 2 years of being deprived of physical contact with our customers because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had public success and great business opportunities at the Minas Láctea event. After a long period of distance, we used our technical team to develop and improve technologies that are very aligned with the market needs and we were able to present very interesting solutions to the public, such as:

Joha® SK20 , in Requeijão with cheese
Joha® KM 14 & Bekaplus® B 190 in a UHT chocolate milk drink
Joha® B400K & Bekaplus® B 190 in a High Protein Coffee Drink
Joha® S100 Bekaplus® B 190 in a high protein dairy dessert
Bekaplus® DV 185 FB in a Vegan Cheese with protein
The product differential presented by ICL at this fair are:

Joha® SK 20: is a unique product, i.e. it does not need combinations with other phosphate solutions. It provides robust texture, that is, greater flexibility in formulation and reduction of solids (protein/fat).

Joha® KM 14: provides greater buffering power and pH adjustment when compared to existing products on the market, minimizing whey acidity.

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