Hybrid meat products are a tasty, healthier and eco-conscious choice

Many meat eaters aren’t ready to completely give up on their favorite dishes but are looking for ways to eat healthier and reduce their carbon footprint. The solution is hybrid products that combine meat and plant-based ingredients that provide the flavor and texture consumers crave, with the healthfulness that they desire.

Hybrid meat products include both meat and plant-based ingredients such as vegetables, plant proteins, mushrooms or seeds. This approach conserves animal resources and creates an excellent end product that offers numerous advantages. Hybrid meat products contain less meat, fat and cholesterol than conventional products. They are rich in protein, like the original, but also high in dietary fiber, a valuable addition to any diet not found in traditional meats.

“The nutrition world today is innovative and dynamic; many people want to eat better and healthier,” said Begonia Gonzalez – one of ICL’s meat experts for the DACH/IT region. “Consumers are turning to new foods like hybrid meats because they want to stay fit while at the same time conserving nature and resources.”

One popular example is hybrid bratwurst. This classic sausage is a staple during barbecue season and also enjoyed year-round. ICL Food’s hybrid bratwurst contains TARI® Combi BRF Hybrid V2 which consists of 50 percent meat along with pea protein isolate, herbs and spices.

Hybrid 1.6 Conventional
Energie 1045 kJ 1279 kJ
Energie 252 kcal 309 kcal
Fat 21 g 27 g
Carbohydrates 1,5 g 1,0 g
Carbohydrates, of which sugar 1,2 g 1,0 g
Protein 12,9 g 15,0 g
Salt 2,5 g 2,25 g
Meat content (total lean meat / animal fat) 50 % 90-95 %

It has fewer calories and fat than the original and is a great alternative for people who are looking for a healthier option. With less meat, our hybrid bratwurst also more sustainable and help reduce greenhouse gasses.

Hybrid meats are a guilt-free way for flexitarians and committed carnivores to indulge in their favorite recipes while preserving their health and the environment.

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